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The socio-economic situation, which we are living, needs a ri-organisation of our Country, in particular the business field, stimulating new focuses like innovation and young people. Now it’s time to move, felling the world crises like an opportunity and not like a threat. The desire to innovate, starts to be reward finally.

A new idea, a new start up

Yes Start Up is an initiative created by the Young Entrpreneurs Group of  Ascoli Piceno with the collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce of Ascoli Piceno, with the aim to reduce the distance from having an idea and how to realize it. How? Offering a new generation consulence, dinamic, quick and FREE, to everybody who wants to create, or already created, a start up. Sometimes it’s difficult to have all the informations needed to start a new business, to organize your self, to know all the economic helps available to start. Yes Start Up’s HEL DESK will help You! You can find there a dictionary with all the basis concepts for a startupper, and it will be always updated with a newsletter, with whom all the informations will be sent to all the people registrated on the web site. But Yes Start Up is not static, is dinamic and polyvalent. One of our biggest target is to provide a special network for the startuppers: entrpreneurs, ventur capital, financiers, university, angels, consulents…all toghether with a common factor: passion for innovation and big interest in new ideas. Networking activity will be also promote, with the organisation of events like SPEED AP 2013,  where selected startuppers will have the opportunity to meet investors and see their dream become true. It’ll be possible to put on the web site the description of the start up, through the description of three important points: PRODUCT, TEAM and MARKET of reference, and have the possibility to be selcted by a team of experts. PRODUCT: is the elemnt which connects the company to the market, and source of gain. The product is the thing which people needs to sodisfy a necessary, a desire. It has to be loved by the market, has to fill up in advance the demand of it, which can be discovered by marchek research. It’s importnat to know the development of ht wproduct and analyse all the aspects and costs. I would help t make a prototype and make costs plan to decide if there is convenient or not to procede. It’s necessary to analyse strenght and failings of the project to have a “real” view of the success of the start up. MARKET: Another importnat point to have success is to know in the better way as possible the market of reference. It’s necessary to have a clear marketing plan to organize the sellings in the good way. Analysis of the costs fo selling and the target price of the product are essential. TEAM: Noboby alone has the knowlegde to start a new business, so it’s important to have success to have a great team, which can help the startupper to cover every position inside the project and work toghether with new ideas and cooperation.  

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